Equinox energies

FullSizeRenderAloha.   Trust you are riding the energy waves that have been coming in since the summer solstice as gently as possible.   I have recently received information that these energies are becoming more intense and that on 9/22 they may be magnified greatly.   I was asked to send out love, compassion, joy and peace on that day and to refrain from allowing any negative energy into me during the equinox.   What we are resonating on that day will be magnified greatly and whatever we are feeling is what we will be sending out.   I also have the sense that water will pay an important part of that day’s energies.   I was asked to be near the portal on our land and to send out energy through that portal and also through the ocean to be carried around the world.   Sacred water and sacred portal is what came to me.

Just passing it on in case this resonates with you.

Blessings and gratitude



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