This is the time we came to Earth to experience.   It is happening now and each of us must awaken to who we really are, which is a being embodying the Christ Consciousness.   Many of us are Lightworkers (Lightworkers are souls that are evolving toward the Source, the Source of loving light energy of life) and Starseeds (souls that have been to other star system(s) prior to coming to Earth).   The change that is happening now will return us to our rightful place in the Universe, one of abundance and joy.   Our expanding consciousness and spiritual clarity will bring about amazing personal changes as we ascend with Mother Earth through fourth density and into fifth.  Along the way we will return to perfect health, overcome the effects common to aging, and remember how to communicate telepathically with souls elsewhere in the Universe, travel astrally, and visit beloved ones in Nirvana.  Through visualization, we will learn to manifest whatever we want or need.   All of these powers are ours by birthright, and we will retake our rightful place within our Universal family of multidimensional, eternal souls.  The symptoms you might be experiencing are all part of the merging into a new consciousness, one filled with Love, Joy, Forgiveness and Compassion.    Sorrows, fears and negative emotions are being released.   Old memories are rising to the surface of your consciousness to be released into the One.   Everything that we came to experience will be shared with the One as we ascend.   The lessons we experienced here on third dimensional Earth are all being shared as we complete our long journey from darkness into Light and Love.  In order to complete this process, we must release the polarities and return to Center.

We are PiliAloha Healing Center are here to assist you in whatever way we can during this process.  There are many, many lightworkers and healers here to assist, and we would like to offer support to these beloveds as well.   As soon as we get our healing center completed, we would like to offer ascension classes, as well as healing to all who are ready to participate in the higher dimension experience.     Everyone is welcome and we look forward to sharing the New Earth with you.