Picture yourself climbing onto the Tree of Life, much like you saw on Avatar. As you climb onto the lower group of limbs, you ask the Tree to bring you back in harmony with nature. The Tree’s limbs start to fold around you and cradle you. Soon, the Tree is holding you as if you were its baby. You feel total peace entering into your body and feel like you are becoming One with the Tree.


The leaves of the Tree start to touch your skin and as the leaves touch you, any disease, toxins, viruses, fever (anything in your bodies that is not in total harmony and balance) are sucked into the leaves. A bright white light comes down from above and pours into your body, filling up the space where the toxins were taken out. You can only see white light everywhere.


You might see some silver specks within the light that go into your bloodstream (but don’t be surprised if this does not happen- it only means that your blood is fine). Give yourself up to the moment and just be – for as long as you need to. There is no set time.


When you are ready, thank the Tree and tell Him/Her how much you Love it. He/She Loves you very much and will come when called to assist in healing. As you come back into your realization, the limbs will slowly open up around you and you will find yourself back at the lower group of limbs where you can easily step out. Give Him/Her a hug after you step onto the ground of Mother Earth. Thank Mother Earth as well. She had a part in the process.


Received by Kathy, January 15, 2013