There are very intense energies coming in at this time.   If you have expressed your intent and lifted up into a higher dimension or vibration (high 4 or higher) then don’t hold on to old patterns and negative emotions that can drag you back into 3D.   Once you have intentionally stepped out of these 3D patterns (using free will), you probably will not be able to step back in without a great deal of discomfort on many levels.

One suggestion during this time:   We need to check in on the vibrations coming into our bodies and going out of our bodies.   Check in on all four bodies every 15 minutes for a period of 3 or so hours each day to see if you might be going back to old patterns.   If negative emotions or old patterns show up, then reset.   Let go of the idea of form.   Don’t need it any more.  Can hold you back.   There are new frequencies coming in we have never experienced before.  Work with the higher frequencies.  Let go of the old ideas/steps.  We are pulsing out frequencies and new intense frequencies are coming in.  We need to observe both of these frequencies and make sure we are not retaining any old patterns.   Once we do this for a while, we will bring ourselves back into balance and be ready to connect with the higher frequencies.   Step out to resonate with the frequencies coming in.   Don’t get stuck in old patterns.


Feels like since summer solstice the frequency I am operating at has changed significantly.   But at the same time I seem to be drawn back into 3D drama by those around me.   Once we have chosen to be in the higher vibrations, we can’t go back into 3D drama/negative emotions.   We can observe it as a Watcher or we can tangentially work in the 3D world helping others, but we can no longer immerse ourselves in these negative patterns and energies.    I did this for a short period of time to help someone in dire need in their mental body, but what it did was draw me into their energies and I was not able to maintain any stability.   I was in pain in all four bodies and it was quite difficult to get back out.   I literally felt like the shuttle burning up on re-entry.   It felt like I would burn up if I stayed too long in old 3D patterns that bring up negative emotions.   I am beyond those emotions and am unable to go back to them.   I was severely distraught and overwhelmed feeling into another’s depression.   A year or two ago, this was something I could do easily and at the same time be able to help others release and heal.     Now when I tried stepping back in 3D denseness, I felt like I would implode or incinerate.     It appears that once we get up to 5th D (even high 4th) we can’t drop back and operate fully within 3D structure.   Can exist in 4D Earth, but not able to be continuously involved in 3D negatives.   Way way too intense for my current vibration.   Would have to lower vibration, which is not possible, nor do I want to do this.

Hopi prophecy says we should not even try to go back.   Let go of the sides of the river (old patterns) and allow yourself to flow down the river.   Release old patterns.   Check in on vibrations coming in and if experiencing old patterns in any of four bodies then not on path.   Recalibrate and check back in.   Will stop the old patterns if continue to do this and keep on it.  Must check in with all four bodies though.

I am a lightworker.   I work with the light (mostly from the Central Sun) — channeling it and sending it out.   The energies that have been coming through me recently are so beautiful — unlike anything I remember experiencing in any lifetime.   It feels like an instantaneous response happening as it is going out.



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