Kathy photos Pilialoha Healing Center

PiliAloha Healing Center is located in Ha’iku, Maui.  We are dedicated to offering healing and intuitive guidance to all beings in need as well as guidance on the awakening process and how to make the best use of your lightworker skills.  It is time to awaken and to remember who you are and why you are here and to return to center — in harmony with nature.  We are guided to assist anyone who needs healing to help them learn to heal their four bodies — mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Kathy is a Lightworker who sends out light and Love through the Central Sun to aid in bringing higher dimensional energy into Mother Earth’s planetary grid of light, sometimes referred to as the Ascension Grid and the Christ Consciousness or Crystalline Grid, which all beings will be able to access (if they choose) to help clear limitations in their consciousness and to awaken to who they really are.  Consciousness is the only true form.

This grid is increasingly charged as more of us connect to and merge into its multidimensional expansive energy.   As an indigenous shaman, she works on Maui with Earth Wisdom Keepers, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Ascended Masters and Kahunas.  She also assists the Kahu at Kukuipuka Heiau, one of the most sacred places on Maui.   It is time to awaken and to remember who you are and why you are here and to return to center and the One.

She is available for consultation regarding intuitive guidance and to assist in opening blocked chakras.  She also works with her husband Rich as a healer, either long distance or in person.   She is devoted to helping every being remember that Love is all that is real.   All else is illusion.

Rich is a starseed healer who is able to see into a being to determine what is out of balance.   The part that requires work, “lights up” for him.  He is able to send healing energy to all four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and etheric) to bring one back into balance with nature.   He is available for consultation either in person or via remote healing techniques, but he wants to remind all that true healing comes from within.   Healers can send energy to you that will help with the symptoms, but not the cause and effect.  Something has caused this to occur within, and that must be cleared to complete the healing process.

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