It’s Time !!

Since December 12, 2012, I have continued to hear that 2017 was going to be the year everything changed.  I attended an Earth council meeting in late December of 2012 where many beings were discussing Gaia’s “ascension” process.  What I heard was that we needed to wait for more people to awaken and that it would happen “soon.”  The year 2017 kept coming to me.  The energies that have been coming through the last few weeks are getting stronger and much more intense.  The messages I feel/hear are that between now and August we need to release and transmute the negative patterns we have allowed to come inside.  It is imperative that we ground ourselves daily and open up to what is pouring in.

We have to also release those around us who are stuck (including family and friends) so that we can do the work we came to do.  No one will be left behind who wants to take this journey down the Red Road.  At the same time, however, we can’t make that decision for them.  We can send Light and Love to them, but we must allow each being to define their own path.

It is challenging to step back and allow loved ones to choose a path that to us feels like an incorrect choice, but that choice may be the exact one that will eventually lead them into the Light.  We need to allow them to make that choice.   At the same time,  those of us of the Light need to step into the path that will take us to the soul contract that we agreed to when we were “chosen” to come to Gaia for this important incarnation.

I have spent many lifetimes with this beautiful being we call Mother Gaia.  I have worked as a medicine man/woman/shaman/kahuna/priest(ess) as well as having a soul incarnation working with the nature spirits and Mother.  I believe this is my last incarnation here, and although that is sad on one level, it is joyous to finally be going home.  I am so looking forward to these last moments/years — whatever time really is — because I know they will be worth all the drama we have had to cope with.

The years 2017 and into 2018 are going to bring tremendous changes into our 3/4 D world.  I can already feel the pull into 6 D and the glimpses I have been gifted are beyond beautiful.  There is no word for it.  You can feel what it is, but words have not been invented yet to even begin to explain what awaits.   August of 2017 is the the date I have been waiting for.  I believe each of us will step into our next adventure when we are ready.  But the process is now moving into overdrive.  It is very important to stay grounded and move your focus to your heart mind.  The 3 D mind won’t be making the journey, because it is too rigid.  Remember the movie “Contact”.  Jodie Foster’s character could not have made the journey if she had sat in the seat the scientists insisted she include in the “ship.”  She had to be free.  We need to open our heart minds and keep our focus there as the chaos begins.  It is coming, and we need to embrace it with joy (not fear) as it is taking us to levels we never dreamed existed in our limited minds — but that we knew existed in our Christed Hearts.  Awaken to who you are.  NOW is all there is and all there ever has been.


Equinox energies

FullSizeRenderAloha.   Trust you are riding the energy waves that have been coming in since the summer solstice as gently as possible.   I have recently received information that these energies are becoming more intense and that on 9/22 they may be magnified greatly.   I was asked to send out love, compassion, joy and peace on that day and to refrain from allowing any negative energy into me during the equinox.   What we are resonating on that day will be magnified greatly and whatever we are feeling is what we will be sending out.   I also have the sense that water will pay an important part of that day’s energies.   I was asked to be near the portal on our land and to send out energy through that portal and also through the ocean to be carried around the world.   Sacred water and sacred portal is what came to me.

Just passing it on in case this resonates with you.

Blessings and gratitude